Friday, February 21, 2014

Ginger Coconut Peanut Muffins

Coconut Peanut Muffins

The inspiration for these muffins was the thai inspired vegetable dish I did in a previous post. I thought if coconuts, and peanuts and ginger can go great together in a savory sauce why not in a sweet concoction. This is great with some jam or butter.

Type:            muffin        
Time:            1  hour
Serves:         Makes 12 
Skill:              Medium
Suitable:       Vegetarian (eggless)
Allergy          Contains peanuts

Dry ingredients
2 c               flour
1 c               brown sugar
2 tb              baking powder
1 tsp            baking soda
1 tsp            corn starch
½ tsp           ginger powder or 1tsp fresh grated ginger
½ tsp           cinnamon
1 tsp            salt

Wet ingredients 
1½ c            water
5tb               coconut milk powder
3 tb              peanut butter
2 tb              vinegar or lemon juice
¼ c              oil or melted butter

  1. Mix all dry ingredients in one bowl.
  2. Mix all wet ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients until moistened
  4. Pour into 12 greased or paper lined muffin cups.
  5. Bake at 400 for 20-25mins until a toothpick inserted into middle of muffin comes out clean.

  1. Add an egg and omit ½ cups milk.
  2. Use ¾ c sugar instead of 1 c for a lower sugar muffin.
  3. Use 1¾ c flour and ¼ c whole-wheat flour instead of 2c flour

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Surprisingly good Fried Cabbage fritters in a tomato curry sauce

Cabbage Fritters in a Tomato curry sauce
The inspiration for this dish is a curry dish one of my aunt makes a cabbage fritters in a curry sauce. I know what you're thinking cabbage, bleh. But these fried cabbage fritters were amazingly good hot out of the fire. Soaked in the curry tomato sauce, and eaten with some sada roti, I think cabbage is slowly growing on me! Try it, and let me know what you think.

Cuisine: indian inspired
Type: Vegetable
Time: 2 hours
Serves: 4
Skill: Medium
Suitable: Vegetarian, vegan
Allergy Contains peanuts

3 tb              oil, plus extra for frying
1 tb              tumeric powder
2 tb              geera (cumin) powder/seeds
3 tb              coriander (dhania) powder
1                  hot congo pepper (or more if you like it hot) keep whole
¼ tsp           chilli powder
2 tb              celery leaves chopped
1c                milk
                    salt to taste
2 c               blended tomatoes
4                  garlic minced
1tsp             ginger
½                 onion cut cubes
3tb               peanut butter
pinch           cinnamon
¼ tsp           black pepper
1 tb              tomato paste
1 tsp            sugar ( or more depending on sour-ness of tomatoes_
1 c               cabbage sliced
1 ½  c           spilt peas powder
1tb               baking powder
2                  garlic cloves minced
¼ tsp           chilli powder
½ tsp           tumeric powder
½ tsp           geera (cumin) powder
1tsp             coriander (dhania) powder
¾ c              water
3tb               celery ribs minced (or any herb you like, like bandania)
½                 onion chopped fine
½ tsp           salt, or more
  1. Place all ingredients in a sauce and blend till smooth.
  2. Heat a saucepan with 2tb of oil. When hot add the turmeric, cumin (geera) and coriander and fry with a few tablespoons of water till roasted.
  3. Add the blended tomatoes sauce and cook down, add water when it gets dry.
  4. While the sauce is cooking, assemble the fritters. Heat oil in another pan, enough oil to cover fritters three quarters of the way.
  5. Mix all fritter ingredients, you want a batter that is not runny as pancakes, but one that you can form the fritters with your hands. Shape into flat round disks. 
  6. Test the oil, when a drop of batter starts sizzling, you know the oil is hot enough.
  7. Try a test fritter first, and taste when done to decide if it has enough salt. 
  8. Drop fritters into pan, frying till golden on both side, turning to cook both sides.
  9. Drain on adsorbent paper.
  10. Check sauce, add more water to achieve the consistency you want and add the hot pepper whole and chilli powder. 
  11. Let simmer on low for a few minutes, then add the milk and let cook for another few minutes. 
  12. Add extra water if you wish then add salt to taste.
  13. Add the fritters and let them heat through.
  14. Take off heat and add celery or any herbs you have.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vegetables in a Spicy Peanut Sauce

I love chinese vegetables in spicy sauces, and this thai inspired sauce is so good with vegetables. Peanut butter has been such a revelation to me, as it's not just for spreading on toast. You can add it to hummus, to sauces like this one, to punches, granola bars and muffins. From sweet to savory it such a versatile ingredient in your pantry.

Cuisine: Thai inspired
Type: Vegetable
Time: 1½ hours
Serves: 7
Skill: Medium
Suitable: Vegetarian, vegan
Allergy Contains peanuts

3 tb         oil
3             carrots sliced
1             sweet pepper diced
1 c          cauliflower cut in florets
½            cabbage sliced
2             onion sliced
1             stalk celery chopped
3tb          chive chopped

4            garlic cloves minced
1½ tsp   ginger minced fine
¼           hot congo pepper (or more if you like it hot)
2 tb        vegetable stir fry sauce
splash    soy sauce (depends how salty and dark it is)
splash    worcestershire sauce
4            splashes sesame oil
2½ tb     peanut butter
3tb         coconut milk powder (or 1c coconut milk, and omit 1c water)
1c          water
1 tsp      cornstarch
1 tb        lime juice

  1. Cut all vegetables.
  2. Assemble sauce ingredients in a bowl and reserve.
  3. Heat oil in a wok on high heat.
  4. Add carrots first and sauté for a few minutes, then add cauliflower, sauté a few minutes, then add onions and green peppers. Add the cabbage last. Season with salt after every vegetable.
  5. When vegetables are tender crisp, add sauce and heat for a few minutes till thickened and ginger and garlic have cooked a bit. Add water until you get the consistency you want.

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