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Hi there, my name is Aruna and thank you so much for taking a moment to browse my Food blog. This blog is a food blog showcasing the amazing diversity that is Trinidadian food in the form of my own recipes, and also my take on the best places to dine out in Trinidad and wherever my travels take me.

I am a writer/blogger who loves to cook and eat great food. I was born in Trinidad, and one of my earliest memories was begging my agee (grandmother) to cook a roti. Growing up, I would try to cook myself, especially the things I loved to eat. I would make a batch of kurma and eat it whole day or make fries; my dad made really healthy food. These days I try to make much healthier food choices; I was vegetarian for over a decade.

I do hope you enjoy reading my blog, and feel free to drop me a comment.



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  3. Dear Aruna
    I am a Trinidadian living in Australia, I love reading/eating the foods we grew up with and I do try (ingredient available) to cook accordingly. Whenever I return to Trinidad it is to enjoy family & food. (smile) If I can have the recipe for 'Sunshine Cheese Balls' I will try to make them. Many Thanks and Keep spreading how delicious Trinidadian cooking is. Annette


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