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Hike to Brasso Seco Waterfall

Brasso Seco Water-fall
On  Friday I had the opportunity to hike with a group of people. It has been such a long time since I'd hiked anywhere so I jumped at the opportunity and I did not regret it. The hike was not difficult and with the trail one way taking less than an hour it was not uncomfortably tiring. 
I think the pictures speak for themselves. 
Blanchisseuse Road

Beginning of Trail

"Trinidad Original Evergreen Seasonal Forest Still Exist in this Area"

The trail is wide and shaded and up to a certain point due to it's width a 4-wheel vehicle can assess it. However there comes a point where a small river has to be crossed and from this point the trail gets to about 3ft in width and is on the side of a hill. At this point it can only be trodden by foot.

View from bottom of Waterfall

Flower along trail

Another view of falls

The entire waterfall is pictured above. The water was icy cold. There was a shallow pool (2-6.5ft) pool at the base of the falls and you could also have climbed on the ledge of rock right under the fall and feel the tumble of water directly on you!
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