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Barbeque Tofu, sooooo yum

Barbeque Tofu and Mashed Potatoes

Cuisine    Vegetarian
Type        Main
Time       30 mins Prep + 1 hr cooking
Serves    7

So it’s Good Friday, the first holiday of the Easter weekend and I am sooo hungry. Decided to make my favorite; barbeque tofu since I’m fasting. Even if I wasn’t fasting I would have made this as I am not great with cooking chicken. And as I said before I sooo love this recipe!!! Yum.
On the topic of barbeque chicken, the best I’ve eaten in Trinidad is from this place called Grannies in San'do. You get either a leg and thigh or a breast and wing, your choice of two side; macaroni salad, potato salad or rice for $35. I usually get macaroni salad and potato salad. It always tastes sooooo good!. Ahh well.... let me get back to my barbeque tofu!

This recipe is a work in progress. I had initially tried skewing the tofu but they kept sliding off the skewer!!! Very very frustrating. My next attempt, a Christmas I think it was, was to bake it. That did not work too well since the tofu did not seem to cook. So what I ended up doing was deep frying to keep the tofu from mashing up and then adding the sauce and everything else in a pot. I know, is laziness really, who wants to sit and baste tofu, when you an chuck everybody in a pot and mix ever sooo often! So guys please have a try. This goes down good with the non vege people too!

2 packs silken tofu
2 tsp soysauce
1 tin sliced mushrooms
3 onions cuts into eights
1 sweet pepper chopped
6 cloves garlic chopped fine
2 congo pepper, cut or left whole
1 ½ -2 cups barbeque sauce
½ tsp chilli powder, and red pepper flakes
½ c mixture of celery, chive, parsley chopped
Water, about 1 c
2tb vegetable oil and more for deep frying
Salt to taste


1.    Cut tofu into cubes and mix with soy-sauce. Heat oil to really hot and drop in tofu, taking care not to burn yourself. I usually cover the pot immediately after as the oil spits out as soon as the tofu goes in. Fry till outsides are cooked. Drain and set aside.

2.    Prepare vegetables as specified.

3.    Heat a pan and add oil and as soon as hot add onions, garlic and vegetables and sauté for a few minutes. Add salt to taste.

4.    Add tofu and chilli powder and flakes. Stir.

5.    Add about 1/s c barbeque sauce which can be thinned with some water. Stir until it gets thick and keep adding more barbeque sauce and drying down until you get consistency you want.


1.    You can add any vegetables you want, although I don’t think broccoli would do well with barbeque sauce!

2.    Oil must be very hot when frying tofu, and it only takes a few minutes to cook once oil is the right temperature. Also again be very careful, tofu does not take kindly to deep frying. I keep a cover over the pot when I am frying.

3.    I used Hunts Barbeque sauce and Matouks. Hunts is more potent so I used a little and I used a lot more Matouks. So the amount of barbeque sauce really depends on the brand you buy and your taste.

4.    I used Mori-nu Silken tofu that comes in a white pack with blue writing. I found mines in MS Supermarket and I think Hilo stocks them too. This is my favorite brand of tofu, I hate the spongy one; they’re awful!


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