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Perfect Fragrant Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice is a favorite of mine as it smells exotic, it's a smell reminiscent of flowers. As such it pairs fabulously with aromatic spices such as cloves, ginger, cardamom (elichee) and nutmeg. When you make basmati rice the whole house id perfumed with its scent. It pretty hard to cook basmati rice in secret.  


Cuisine:          Indian
Good for:        Lunch, Dinner  
Food Group:   Starch 
Time:              10 mins
Serves:           5
Skill:                Medium
Suitable:          Vegetarian

1 c          basmati rice
2c           hot water
1 tsp       salt
2 tb         ghee (clarified butter) or butter, optional

  1. Check rice for stones and then rinse and drain.
  1. Add rice and hot water to pot, bring to boil, then lower and cover.
  1. Cook for 10 minutes covered, then take off heat.
  1. Leave covered for 5 mins.  
  1. Uncover lid, fluff and enjoy.


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