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Get a 'Cheat Sheet for Dining at a French Restaurant' and Impress Your Friends; An Article I wrote for Languages.Guru

A French Dessert *

I recently wrote two French languages articles for the website Languages.Guru. The second article has been published on the website and it is entitled "Cheat Sheet for Dining at a French Restaurant" This article is in English, and it is written as a summary of the French terms and phrases that would help in all aspects of dining at a French restaurant. It starts with how to find a great place to eat in France, asking for directions, ordering food and the French words for basic staples such as chicken and fish. It ends with asking for the bill, hence it gives you a comprehensive list of phrases to draw from on your next trip to that hip new French Restaurant or on your next romantic trip to Paris.

A French Candy Store+

My recommendation would be to read the first article about pronunciation and grammar i.e "Sexy Sophisticated French Decoded" so that you can understand how French words are pronounced and then move on to the second article "Cheat Sheet for Dining at a French Restaurant".

So impress your friends the next time you dine at a fine French establishment and do let me know what you think via a comment on Languages.Guru or on Chillibibi.

* Picture from Pixabay/ By La Fontaine 
+Picture from Pixabay/kytrangho


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