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The best pizza I've ever had, the Buzo

The Buzo Pizza, Manchego Cheese, Wild Mushrooms and Spinach

Buzo Osteria Italiana is a restaurant located in Port-of-Spain Trinidad. It specializes in authentic Italian pizzas. Other things on the menu include pasta, calzones, antipasta and salads.

One huge point in Buzo's favor, even before you walk in the door is it's free parking, and the friendly Buzo employee who directs you to where that free parking is. And then there is the fact that Buzo on the outside seems to have been transported directly from Italy, standing out among the rest of the buildings nearby with its stone walls and rustic old world charm.
Walking into Buzo you're greeted by probably some of the best trained service staff in the country and one of the most beautifully decorated restaurants in Trinidad. There was definitely a more fine dining ambiance than say Kava at Kapok which comes off as a hybrid of a liming spot and special occasion. From the very earthy color scheme, the wall with bottles of wines and jewel colored jars of preserves and the excellent wait staff; Buzo has intimate and extraordinary written all over it.
After being seated, you are usually brought two selections of bread, topped with olives and onions. And you're encouraged to try them with either the Extra Virgin Olive oil or the Balsamic Vinegar on the table.  The two times I went to Buzo, I was extremely hungry, and that bread tasted so good to me, with the olive oil and vinegar and with the chilli oil. I love pepper and Buzo offers you a sort of Italian pepper sauce; pepper flakes in olive oil and pepper flakes. Both have a really nice kick to them.
By the time the pizza arrived, I was able to really appreciate the sight and smells of it. The first pizza I had at Buzo. Yes Buzo has a pizza named Buzo, which has manchego, a Spanish cheese (according to the waiter), wild mushrooms, pepper flakes, truffle oil and is usually topped with rocket. The day I went however they were out of rocket so they asked us if they could substitute spinach which we accepted. I don't know how the rocket would have tasted, but that pizza was the best pizza I have ever had. The creaminess of the cheese with the earthiness of the wild mushrooms and the hint of truffle oil; all that richness balanced by the fresh spinach and spiciness of the pepper flakes. It's all tied together by a crunchy thin crust; the perfect blank canvas.  
Campagnola was the second pizza I tried and another vegetarian option at Buzo of which there are six options. The others are the marinara, the margherita, the Buzo, the Quattrio Formaggi and the Ciclista. The Campagnola has eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, goats cheese and mozzarella. This pizza was great with the grilled vegetables and the cheeses.
Buzo is unquestionably a special occasion affair, in looks as well as price. The pizzas to be fair are reasonable ranging from $45TT, the most basic with just salt and rosemary to $110, the Crudaiola with proscuitto, mozzarello and arugula and basil. The additions of bottles of sparkling or plain water at $30 a bottle and wine however do add to the final result, as well as the additional vat and service charges that aren't reflected in the menu prices.
In terms of all the pizzas I've ever had, The Buzo is the best, followed closely by The Sundried Tomato Pesto Pizza at Kava at Kapok Hotel.

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