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'French Decoded': An article I did for Website Languages.Guru

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I recently did an article; 'Sexy Sophisticated French Decoded' that was published on Languages.Guru, a website about languages, obviously! I  love the French language, ever since I was introduced to it in high school. At the high school I attended you had to do both Spanish and French for two years and at the end of those two years you had to choose to do either of the languages or to move on to Computer Science instead. I just fell in love with French, it was so much more sophisticated and sexy. The way it sounded, compared to the loud pronunciation of the Spanish language, to me was just so appealing. It's a language made for romance. Not surprising I chose French and went on to gain a CXC Grade 2 at my O' Level Exams, an equivalent to a grade 'B'.

I know my choosing French was not very practical, Venezuela is closer to Trinidad where I live than even Barbados or Grenada, but French to me was enchanting. I really would have benefited greatly from doing Computer Science. Trinidad actually does have French influence since as a Caribbean island, it had been claimed by the Spanish, French and English a few times during it's early history. The name 'Trinidad' is Spanish and was the name given by Columbus when he saw the three peaks that dot the south of the Caribbean island. What is spoken in Trinidad is a French dialect called Patois. Words that have seeped into Trinidad dialect that have French origin include words such as 'Macomere' and 'maco', which mean a very nosy individual and 'Flambeau' which means a lighted torch.  Trinidad Carnival is descended from French origins as can be seen from words such as 'Mardi Gras'.

The article, 'Sexy Sophisticated French Decoded' is really an introduction into the French Language. It  gives an overview of the basics of the French language, it's pronunciation and simple phrases. You can view the article here.

I did another article which is more specific to dining at a French Restaurant and I will post the link once the article is published. This article I know will be more relevant to you my readers, being food related. It will help you navigate the French Restaurant landscape.


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