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Irresistible Hot Sweet and Sour Wings

Hot Sweet and Sour Wings

The first time I made these, was quite by accident just taking a bit of this and that from the kitchen and when I tasted it, it was just sooo good. Unfortunately, I did not write the recipe down, so this is my best attempt at recreating the greatness I achieved that day. It's not quite there just yet, but it is still really good.

This recipe is a bit healthier that normal hot wings because of the fact that these are baked not fried. If you want you can omit the butter in the sauce, although the butter really helps temper the heat of the hot sauce, but if you are a trini, I am sure you can handle it. You can cut down the heat by using less hot sauce, but if you really love mild food this is really not for you. I rate this as 'Mother in Law' hot, and if you have ever tasted 'mother in law' you will understand. For those non-trinis (non-Trinidadians), 'Mother in law' is a Trinidadian-Indian really hot vegetable condiment/pickle made from karelli, onions, garlic, carrots and lots of hot pepper. It's very popular at Indian weddings in Trinidad, it's name being a reference to how badly 'mother in laws' usually treat their son's or daughter's spouses.

So please do try this recipe and let me know what you think!

Good for:      Lunch, Dinner, Snack
Category:      Appetizer      
Time:            1½ hours
Serves:         2 (2 wings each, these were large wings) or serves 1 if you greedy!
Skill:             Medium
Suitable:       No peanuts
Heat:            Mudder in law Hot!



4           Chicken Wings washed with lime


1tsp salt (less or more depending how small/large your wings are)
1tsp garlic rough chopped
1 tb herbs; chadon beni, parsley rough chopped
1tsp congo pepper rough chopped (optional)

3tb vegetable oil        
1 tb        Chilli powder

Hot, sweet and sour Sauce

2tb        butter
¼ c       good hot pepper sauce
2tsp      garlic minced
¼ tsp    black pepper
1 ½ tb   vinegar
1 ½ tb   sugar
1tsp      soy sauce
1tsp      Worcestershire sauce
pinch    or more salt as needed 
1 tb        fresh chadon beni or parsley chopped

Garnish with shadow beni, parsley or chives

  1. Wash wings in lime until the fresh smell is gone.
  2. Pat wings dry. Combine marinade ingredients and mix into wings.
  3. Marinate in fridge for a few hours, minimum a hour at room temperature.
  4. Let come to room temperature and brush herbs and garlic off wings. You do this so they don't burn in oven and wing's skin get crispy.
  5. Brush wings with vegetable oil and sprinkle with chilli powder.
  6. Bake in a 350 oven for around 1 hour until crispy on the outside. Placing wings on a rack then baking sheet will help with this.
  7. Turn over a few times to ensure both sides are get crispy.
  8. While chicken cooks, heat butter on medium heat and add garlic and let infuse in butter. Take off heat.
  9. Add hot sauce and rest of ingredients.
  10. When chicken is done, take out and toss in sauce.
  11. Garnish with herbs and serve immediately.

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