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Amaretto Chocolate Fudge (Review)

This Amaretto-Chocolate fudge is from the Café Caribbean Sweets kiosk. It is located at the bottom of High Street San Fernando on the left hand side of road after KFC at the entrance to a food court. The kiosk sells a huge variety of fudge in addition to the amaretto-chocolate; mint chocolate, amaretto coffee, orange chocolate, guava and others and retails between $4 to $5TT (less than $1US).

These are some of the best fudge I have had. I have sampled the mint chocolate and amaretto chocolate and they don't survive more than a few minutes after purchase. The one pictured was lucky to arrive home in one piece. I don't know how they do it but it was soft not rock hard like fudge normally is. Once you taste it you just keep eating.

The kiosk also sells other types of sweets, kurma and toolum. I have tried their kurma though and I wasn't impressed but the fudge is a definite hit.



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