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To Tobago, with Love

Location: Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

I love Tobago, its just not just Trinidad's much better looking smaller sister, its also has a much more relaxed vibe. Its makes Trinidad look all uptight and fast paced in comparison. There were a few places I loved when I took a recent trip with my family to Tobago that I'd like to share.

The Original House of Pancakes

Location:        Crown Point, Tobago
Cuisine:          Pancakes and Omelets
Meal:              Breakfast, starts 7:30am
Price:              $45-$50 TT per person
Verdict:          Very good
Service:          Good
Website:         Could not find a website, this a link to the TripAdvisor Page
Chocolate Pancakes

We went to The Original House of Pancakes for breakfast based on the recommendation of my cousin and it was amazing. I had the basic breakfast the first day which consisted of pancakes, bacon, eggs, tea and a fruit cup. It was really good. My sister had the coconut french toast which was a hit; french toast made with flakes of coconut and a choice of pancake syrup and nutmeg syrup. My cousin had one of their many interesting omelets which got the same rave reviews. The next day, I had the chocolate pancake pictured and although I was a bit apprehensive that the chocolate flavor would be a bit overpowering, it was just the right intensity and sooo yummy.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Next time I will try their English Breakfast; it was not available the day I went.

La Cantina, Tobago

Cuisine: Authentic Italian Pizza
Location: Store Bay , 639-8242
Meal: Dinner, but I believe they are open for lunch as well
Price: $80-$100 TT per pizza (feeds between two and three people)
Verdict: Very good pizza
Service: The best service we encountered in Tobago
I scoured TripAdvisor and this really cool Tobago site called MyTobago for reviews of the best restaurants and La Cantina was on top of many a list so my family and I headed over. I had initially tried to make a reservation a few hours prior but was told that they were not taking any. I think that was probably because I called them pretty late and when we arrived I understood why; they were packed.
We wanted to be seated inside as it was rainy and so we had to wait till the room inside was vacated. Our party was pretty large, about nine people. The staff was courteous, and kept us informed of the table's status. Apparently the people inside had paid the bill but were still sitting and ole talking and the staff. A while later to our amusement, we saw a huge battalion of trinis walk out, still ole talking. We were then promptly ushered into a small room with a wooden “U” shaped table and wooden chairs.
We ordered four pizzas; Quattro Formaggi (four cheese), Funghi (mushroom) pizza, Marinara pizza without cheese, and Italia. Sorry for the lack of pictures again, but we were really hungry and the pizza was really good and the service before, during and after was exceptional. I definitely will recommend La Cantina in Tobago, but you should make a reservation.
Store Bay, Food Court
Cuisine: Typical Tobagonian fare
Meal: Lunch
Price: $45-$50 TT per person
Verdict: Very good, especially the Curry Crab and Dumpling
Service: Decent
There is a nice little food area with chairs at Store Bay, and about four or five food kiosks all lined up next to each other. I had the crab and dumplings from the second kiosk from the right (can't remember the name) and it was fantastic. The price was I believe $50 for crab and dumplings and $45 for chicken with rice or lentils etc. Sorry I don't have a picture, the crab and dumplings finished that fast!
There was also a lady selling sugar cake and fudge that was divine. To me the sugar cake we bought at Store Bay was better than the sugar cake I bought at Crown Point when we were leaving. I paid around $5-8TT for a bag.
Pigeon Point

Even though I had to pay $20 for the right to bath at Pigeon Point, which initially I thought was ridiculous, the benefits made up for the cost. A clean beach that was not overcrowded, beautiful sand and crystal clear calm waters.


Store Bay, Beach

Store Bay was a few minutes from the house we had rented. It was beautiful, the water clear albeit not as calm as say Pigeon Point where we went later but no where near as rough as Maracas Beach on Trinidad's north coast.





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