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Best places to get Tofu in Trinidad

Tofu in Black Bean Sauce from Chinese Dragon, Debe, South Trinidad

Being vegetarian is more prevalent these days and the options in Trinidad have much improved over the past two decades. I used to be vegetarian for over 10 years and I can vouch for this fact. One of the best vegetarian ingredients that I love is tofu. I love it in Chinese sauces and I also love it barbequed. I have a recipe for barbeque tofu on this blog.
There are many great places that I have had tofu that I would like to share with you. I can't really chose an absolute best from these, each is unique.

1.    Chinese Dragon, Debe (South Trinidad)

Pepper Tofu Special from Chinese Dragon, Debe
Contact: 647-8139
Directions: Starting in south Trinidad, Chinese Dragon is located along the S.S Erin Road, about 10 mins after Debe if you're coming from San Fernando.
What I love about them: is the taste and the price which is an average of $35-40 per person. You can get a "Tofu special" which is rice or noodles, tofu in a sauce of your choice and vegetables for $35 TT ($6US) and it tastes really good and will serve around two people. If you want portions you can get a 1/4 portion of tofu for the same $35. I recommend their tofu and broccoli in black  bean sauce, it was sooo good and their sweet and sour and pepper tofu are great also. If you're not vegetarian, their chicken and broccoli is my favorite and I think that retails around the same. Their pepper shrimp is a must try if you like seafood. I had a lime with four friends and the bill came up to $200TT which really was a bargain as some of that bill was take out.
I usually only do take out at Chinese Dragon, I have only eaten in three times. The interior is clean and spacious, suitable for a lime with friends but not say for a very special occasion. The service is decent and the food when I ate in the restaurant was delivered quickly.

2.      Valpark Chinese Restaurant, Valpark

Vegetarian Platter, Tofu in Black Bean Sauce, Rice, Vegetables
Contact: 662-4540
Directions: Valpark Chinese Restaurant is located at Valpark Shopping Plaza in Valsayn along the Churchhill-Roosevelt Highway.
What I love about them: is the taste, the ambience and the price is not bad, although not as cheap is say Chinese Dragon. The vegetarian platter (around $70 TT) consists of tofu, rice or noodles and vegetables. These are some of the biggest cubes of fried tofu that I have ever been served. The pepper tofu was my favorite, but the black bean is one of my friend's favorite. They are good for a special occasion or a date. The service was very good

3.0    Jenny's Wok & Steak House, San Fernando

Contact: 652-1807
Directions: Is situated on Cipero Road in San Fernando. At the light at Cross Crossing in San Fernando turn right. Keep driving for 10 mins, Jenny's is on your right. There is parking available on your left.
What I love about them: Their food tastes amazing, their vegetarian and the meat items as well. The price is around the same price range as Valpark. I ate there with my family and had a few limes as well and the food was always fantastic. I like their vegetarian platter which has tofu as well as their tofu portions. They are good for a date, a special occasion, take out or a lime with friends.

4.0    Sincere's Chinese Grocery, San Fernando 

Contact: 652-0688
Directions: Drive up Cipero Street, Sincere's is on your left.
What I love about them:
Yes, you didn't read wrong, I said Sincere's Chinese Grocery. Its a little known gem in a south vegetarian's culinary universe. Don't be fooled by the Grocery exterior, they sell a variety of vegetarian food, all totally vegetarian and with decent prices. There is a dizzying array of tofu and soya choices and also vegetables in Chinese sauces. Three dishes make a small box for $25 and four make a $35 box. What I love is their variety, to me more than a regular Chinese restaurant and they only sell vegetarian food. There are only a few table available inside the grocery and not much parking outside so this is really better for takeout. And you can get your Chinese soy sauces and prunes on your way out!

5.0   WOK 'N ROLL, Grand Bazaar

Contact:  674-2697
Directions: Grand Bazaar Mall, inside Pizza Boys
What I love about them:
They have a vegetarian special with either tofu or gluten for $35TT that tastes really good. They also have a vegetarian thai option for around $50.


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