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Good Coffee Icecream

Coffee Lover's Only, at Cold Stone Creamery, Price Plaza

What is it about ice-cream, that makes it so irresistible on a hot day. Emancipation day holiday was no exception, the sun seemed to have been invited to the celebrations and was beaming down with an exuberance; perfect for icecream.
I had the Signature “Coffee Lover's Only” at Cold Stone. It was coffee icecream with a Heath bar, almonds and caramel in a waffle cone and it was divine. What I loved was the the fact that it was sweet but just enough. The heath bar was chocolate and caramel and together with the nuts adding a nice crunchiness and pops of flavor which complemented the coffee icecream. And the caramel sauce just tied it all together. The waffle cone was a nice addition, adding another dimension of flavour with a mild nutty accent to the creamy icecream. Lets just say, coffee is not my first choice but this was so good, I will definitely have this again.

Another good place for really good coffee icecream is More Vino. They have a lunch special for $100 which is a soup, sushi and icecream. The coffee icecream below was part of that lunch special and it was a great end to a good meal. More Vino has two locations, one in San Fernando and one in Port of Spain.



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